Architecture is the clay in which we sculpt the world.

Winning architectural design awards is exciting, but not the reason that we became architects. From inception, the focus of Ehresman Architects has been on community architecture and how it impacts day to day life. Our schools, churches, health care facilities, recreation centers, and municipal spaces all play a vital role in the development of strong cultural environments and creating those environments continues to be the core of our practice.

Ehresman Architects is a full-service commercial firm.

We offer a number of commercial architectural programs that can be tailored to your project needs. Our team of architects, project managers, and consultants have successfully completed over 3500 projects for Business, Education, Public, and Religious, from historical buildings to new construction.

What we do:

  • Schematic Design Phase Services
  • Design Development Phase Services
  • Construction Documents Phase Services
  • Procurement Phase Services
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Programming
  • Master Planning
  • Conceptual or Preliminary Design
  • Existing Facilities Surveys
  • Code Study or Analysis
  • Renderings
  • Architectural Interior Design
  • Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Planning
  • Historic Preservation or Renovations

Consultant Management

We work with many partners and consultants to assure that your project adheres to the highest of standards and remains up to code throughout the process.


Site Boundary Survey

Site Topography Survey

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering


Superstructure & Framing


Plumbing & Piping
Fire Protection

Technology Design

Network Infrastructure

Public Address Systems

Audio / Video and Control Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Access Control Systems

Food Service Design

Feasibility Studies

Kitchen and Food Service Layout

Concept & Menu Review

Equipment Specification

Aquatic Design

Feasibility Studies

System Layout – Pools, Aquarium, Fountains, Water Wall

Equipment Specification

Mechanical / Piping Systems Engineering


Lighting & Controls
Primary & Secondary Circuiting
Fire Alarm

Acoustical Design

Audio Systems

Room Acoustics

Theater Systems

Landscape Architecture

Site Planning

Plant Material Selection

Hardscape Selection

Exterior Furniture Selection